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The advantages of selling with Finques Santa Cristina

The advantages of selling with Finques Santa Cristina

Selling a home through Finques Santa Cristina has many advantages:

The first thing to take into account when starting the process of selling a home, is not just having a photographic report contacting many intermediaries to place the product in real estate portals waiting for interested parties, it is important that the owners in the At the time of setting the sale price, they are fully aware of all the expenses that affect them in the sale of their property, many intermediaries and also for many sellers the only concern is to set or know the cost of the commission, ignoring other expenses that determine the price. final amount. Mainly the amount to be paid to the Tax Agency, the municipal capital gains, the cancellation of mortgages, etc. Also analyze if all the property registration information corresponds to the physical reality of the farm.

Finques Santa Cristina sl with offices in Santa Cristina d'Aro and Sant Feliu de Guixols, Immo el Portalet, guarantees a fast and correct transfer of your property with the:

1. Experience and knowledge: at Finques Santa Cristina we are professionals who are familiar with the real estate market and have years of experience selling properties. We offer you expert advice on how to market and sell your home in the most effective way.

2. Precise valuation of the home: Finques Santa Cristina we provide you with a professional valuation of your home, taking into account factors such as the location, characteristics and condition of the property. This will help you establish a competitive and realistic price to maximize your chances of selling.

3. Greater exposure and reach: By working with Finques Santa Cristina, your home will be promoted on various channels, such as real estate portals, social networks and our own customer database. This will give you more exposure and a larger audience, increasing your chances of finding potential buyers.

4. Management of procedures and documentation: Finques Santa Cristina we take care of all the administrative and legal management related to the sale of your home, such as drafting contracts, obtaining certificates and coordinating the necessary procedures. This will save you time and make sure everything is done correctly.

5. Negotiation and closing of the sale: Finques Santa Cristina we are experts in negotiation and we represent you in negotiations with potential buyers to obtain the best conditions for you and we will guide you throughout the process of closing the sale.

In short, selling a home with Finques Santa Cristina can provide you with the knowledge, experience and support you need to carry out a successful sale, saving you time and effort in the process.

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